Decindiva Magic Press Nail Tip Recommended! The retention period of the gel nail tip to be pasted is long

Hello, I’m Monmo I think everyone is excited about the spring season, which marks a new beginningI always want to try something in spring and feel like changing my styling. Recently, I decorated my nails with pink nail tips that go well with springNow, your nails are as pretty as spring has come, right?February 19th!
New Magic Press has been released by Decindiva, and the official mall has also been renewedCompared to the 2010 version, the 24-year version not only has 1.5 times more adhesive adhesion, but also has 78% more retention after attachment, making it easier to use daily!
nail tip to stick on RecommendedThe Decindiva Magic Press Nail Tip I chose is a new spring design. Among the various designs, I chose Blossom Breeze/Almond, Shy Heart/Long Oval with lovely pink faintly engraved on it.Both are based on pink, so it looks good on you even if you mix and paste them!
It’s perfect for spring nail design, so I recommend itFirst, I will show you the details of Blossom Breeze. This is a nail tip with gorgeous cherry blossoms delicately designed like fresh flowers.The highlight is the multi-glitter that reflects various kinds of light!
The design looks like the sunlight reflected between the petals, so it was of complete high quality Gradient colors that connect softly are also art, so it’s no exaggeration to put cherry blossoms in your nails (lol)It’s very easy to use nail tips, but once you prepare a decindiva magic press, it’s over!
All the components are prepared in here, so I sometimes chat with my friends at a cafe while pasting nail tipsThis is a necessary process to maintain the nail tip for a long time!
Carefully remove oil and moisture from the nail surface with the built-in prep padRemove the protective film inside the chip by lowering it down and gently pressing it to fit the cuticle shape Tip to find the right size for your nails!
I’m going to stick a size a little smaller than my nails, but I prefer a size that can be stuck about 1mm above the cuticle line!
And that’s how long it lasts longerAfter attaching it to 10 fingers, please adjust the tip lightly with a nail fileYou can adjust the length with a nail clipper. It takes less than five minutes to paste it like this.Recommended for busy modern people – stick nail tips to make your nails easier in springIt was a crisp almond-shaped nail tip, so it looked great on my little finger.We also have a wide variety of sizes. Bonnie nails fit perfectly according to their size, so we enjoy the fun of decorating them.:)I also put on a premium line of Shy Heart, the new Magic Press spring nail tip that I recommend!
This teak design reminds you of red teak with a gradation technique in which the color spreads slightly in the centerAnd when you do nail art, don’t you feel lonely when the parts are removed?Shy Heart’s design has a sparkling heart V-cut stone, which greatly improves the quality of gel nail tips to be pasted on!
It looked even more special because it was an independently developed mold that glittered from various anglesThe other nail tips were finely cut into butterfly and star shapes with transparent hologram glass sculptures to match the subtle pink gradation, but each one of them has a careful design, so you can’t help but admire it every time you paste it.:)I have to clean up my brother’s marriage in two months, but I’m definitely going to do a decindiva on my nails!
In fact, even on the day of my wedding, I put a decindiva magic press nail tip on it, so it’s a product that I usually use very much. :)Also, I felt that the decindiver itself had a very long maintenance period, but ww Here are some personal tips to extend the maintenance period of nail tips a little longer. Put it on before going to bed and clean up the cuticles that increase adhesion. I’ll heat up the nail tip and put it on for you. I can’t touch it for 2-3 hours. Do you think I can endure it lightly for a week? (laughs) The most important thing to extend the maintenance period of nail tips is when you put them on!
It didn’t tear right away unless it was torn after stickingFor a change of pace in spring!
Although the maintenance period is long, Cindyva Magic Press Why don’t you welcome spring on your nails with recommended nail tips? I have to buy one with my friends and paste it again soon There are a lot of new works and pretty onesNEW | New bits.lyNEW | New bits.lyNEW | New bits.lyNEW | New

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