Let’s find out the difference between public and private sales

Let’s find out the difference between public and private sales.

Many people don’t really know everything about the subscription. In particular, the information we’re looking at today is about public and private sales. It’s up to the person to decide what choice to make, but I prepared it like this because I just need to know the basics.Recently, it is actually not easy to prepare a large apartment complex due to various domestic and foreign matters. The price range is so high that it is difficult for ordinary people to access. But on closer inspection, I’m sure there are apartments that match my income level. First, what is a public sale?It is a system that more easily supports housing preparation for social classes in need of policy consideration, such as low-income homeless people, newlyweds, people of national merit, disabled children and elderly parents. What is a private sale?It is an apartment where a company buys and sells land. Regardless of the government’s policy, it refers to apartments that are sold by the private sector in construction costs and land purchases. The construction company purchases the site and proceeds with the construction company. difference between public and private distributionIf you look at complexes sold by construction companies that are responsible for the big axis of the sale market, you can think of public housing districts as public sales and other private sales. Anyone who has subscribed to subscription deposits and comprehensive subscription savings, excluding subscription savings, can apply.40% of the additional points system and 60% of the lottery system will be adopted for general sale supply.Public housing is built with support from the state, local governments, SH and LH, and houses with less than 85㎡ are constructed and supplied by institutions. It is operated for the purpose of support and welfare at the national level, and the price range is cheaper than private sales, making it easier to access.Public sales are subject to supply, exclusive housing, and the amount is fixed.① All household members, homeless, 住宅 residential in the area where housing is supplied, 約 subscription period of more than 1 year and 12 payments in the Seoul metropolitan area, 6 months or more outside the metropolitan area, 満 19 years of age or older, only available to householders?Divided into special and general supply Special supply: General supply: multi-child, newlyweds, first-time support, disabled, elderly parents, etc. General supply: Priority supply and remaining supply, 1st and 2nd supplies are excluded from special supply and are subscribed by the general public.Public Sale: In order to apply for public housing with a dedicated 60㎡ or less, income and asset standards must be met, and those exceeding 60㎡ can apply regardless of income.Applications for public rental housing can be applied only if they exceed the income standard of a two-person household.We talked about the difference between public and private sales. Real estate information will continue until the day you prepare a house.Previous Image Next ImagePrevious Image Next ImagePrevious Image Next Image